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Planbvisuals is a digital-first video agency, based in Islington. Our aim is to create the most enganging and cinematic stories for brands in the digital and social age.

What started out as one man armed with a camera and a dream, has since grown into an experienced team, creating digital ads, documentaries, music videos, crowdfunding films, and commercial promos throughout the world!

Our aim is to produce more narrative-driven, well optimised and creative videos. More and more the real ROI is often measured by audience attention, satisfaction and starting emotion filled conversations. We want your content to be shared, loved and watched by everyone.


Being able to bring a vision from idea, to real life is what drives us…we like making cool stuff


At the age of 16, Plan B Visuals founder Chris had a vision of one day producing his own movie. He began using his Nokia VGA phone camera to produce clips that were barely visible due to the lack of pixels. As there was no YouTube invented at the time showing off his work used to draw crowds to watch during break times in college. At this stage he knew he could do this as a career and was hooked on making films.

After beginning his career in sales, Chris followed his passion and went on to make documentary films, music videos and weddings. He travelled across Dubai, America (Florida), Greece, Holland and Ireland.

When Plan B Visuals officially started trading there was a team of two people, they began working from a bedroom. Things progressed pretty quickly and within 6 months they had moved to London. A year and a half and 2 offices later Plan B Visuals is now a team of 6.

Plan B Visuals exists to make the most memorable, attention-worthy and innovative videos. We do this by developing branded content with careful consideration of the relevant digital platform, whether it is YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever global platform is next. We also do this by simply understanding how audiences want to consume content. That’s all. We take client’s projects from ideas to outcome, knowing that their needs have been met and hearing or seeing their positive reactions give us a lot of work satisfaction.


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