PlanBVisuals Academy

Launching Fall 2024

PLAN B VISUALS ACADEMY is setup to be able to deliver world class Filmmakers.

Trained by award-winning tutors from around the world altogether building cutting edge Filmmaking courses.

You will learn every step of the Filmmaker process from idea to the big screen.

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

Our multi-disciplinary approach emulates the hard-working realities within all facets of the film and television industries and allows you to develop into an informed and responsible filmmaker, honing your craft in small groups or online, within a collaborative, nurturing environment.


(4 Week) Screenwriting course

(6 Week) Cinematography: Shooting and Lighting for Film and Digital

(4 Week) Directing: Filmmaker’s Toolkit

(4 Week) Editing Masterclass: ADOBE Premiere Pro and After Effects.

“Everyone probably thinks or feels that they want to ‘direct’ or ‘write’ to tell the story, but I think the most important thing is that everyone on the team is telling the story, and that is clearly the ethos at this school.  ”Andy Serkis, Director & Actor, Imaginarium Studios

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